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Thomsons customers will be met at Corfu Airport by the company's representatives who will show you to your buses for the transfer to Theo's. Thomsons state the transfer time is 2 hours and a half.

Usually you will be transfered to a smaller bus for the final few minutes to Agios Georgios.

Guests who want a shorter transfer time can of course make their own arrangements for a taxi or hire car. Contact the hotel for assistance.


Visitors to the island of Corfu arrive at the airport (Corfu town) or at 1 of the 2 ferry ports (Corfu town or Lefkimmi). For part of the season Theo's Hotel is an independent hotel serving guests making their own travel arrangements and the transfer notes below may be of help..


Corfu is served by both scheduled and charter flights from many countries. During the summer holiday season some UK visitors now use one of the 'no-frills' companies such as Easy Jet or Jet2. Otherwise there are several charter flights offering cheap flights for independent travellers which any Internet search will reveal together with booking agents. Early booking of seats is essential to ensure a flight but seats are usually available for late decisions.

Many UK airports have charter flights to Corfu during summer. The airport offering the most flight options is Gatwick in the south of England.
The 'no-frills' companies EasyJet, Ryanair and Jet 2 are popular especially with early-bookers taking advantage of the rock-bottom prices available then.

There area several online agencies with search facilities.


TRANSFERS for independant guests

Transfers for independant guests to Theo's Hotel from the port or airport will usually be by self-drive hire car or taxi. The 30km journey takes 45-60 minutes. It is always recommended for 1st time visitors that Taxi transfers be arranged by the hotel to ensure the cheapest rates. Theo will be pleased to arrange this if guests telephone or email the hotel a few days before they travel.

Transfer by local bus service is not recommended due to the infrequent service to Agios Georgios.



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