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Welcome to our Year 2004 Visitors' book.

Visitor's Name: adam and joanne jackson
You are from: clitheroe / oop north in uk
Visits to Corfu: adam 1 / joanne 7
Comments: we came to theo's on our honeymooon & could not have wished for a better place to chill & relax. the staff are simply outstanding.theo,elena,the wonderful makis & george(the worlds most charming barman) we salute you all & thanks once again (even if you did make me dance on "greek night")
Sign Time:November 18 2004

You are from: CONGLETON
Visits to Corfu:1
Sign Time: OCTOBER 25 2004

Visitor's Name: Bryan and June Harris
You are from: West Kirby, Wirrall
Visits to Corfu: One, but there will be more.
Comments: Our first visit, but what wonderful people. Everyone,without exception, made our holiday a complete success. Theo and Elena are fantastic. The staff are so obliging and with the food and weather being good,the scenery stunning, what more is there for a good holiday?.
Sign Time: October 13 2004

Visitor's Name: Andy and Karen
You are from: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Visits to Corfu:1
Comments: Hi Theo and Elena We just arrived back in cold and wet Newcastle last night but could not wait to thank you for a wonderful and relaxing week at your hotel. You and your staff made it the most enjoyable time. Cant wait to come back next year when we will be Mr and Mrs!!!
Sign Time: October 9 2004

Visitor's Name: Adam and Margaret
You are from: Wantage, Oxfordshire
Visits to Corfu: 3
Comments: Hello Elena and Theo Thank you for your hospitality and a fantastic holiday. Everything in your little corner of the world was just perfect. Hope to see you again next year.
Sign Time: September 6 2004

Visitor's Name:Daniella and Gabriella
You are from: Cardiff
Visits to Corfu:1
Comments: hiya everyone, we ad a great time wen we visited in july, we ad lots of fun an we hope to come back next year
Sign Time: August 27 2004

Visitor's Name: Rory
You are from: Cardiff
Visits to Corfu: 1
Comments: this holiday in corfu was wicked. the workers were very friendly and i made lots of friends including george + bill. I hope i come back next year.
Sign Time: August 10 2004

Visitor's Name: Bryan and June Harris
You are from: West Kirby, Wirrall
Visits to Corfu: None yet, but one firmly booked for a little later on, thanks to Ray Mc.
Comments: We have read and heard so much about Theo and Elena's hotel that we put the website up and again we were so impressed that we booked immediately. Would welcome any comments or advice on car hire etc.
Sign Time: July 28 2004

Visitor's Name: Martyn, Margaret + Laura Standen (only Laura here at the mo)
You are from: Leics.
Visits to Corfu: 2 (1 to Roda - were we found agios georgios -, 1 to Theo's)
Comments:hey Theo + Elena! we ruturned from sunny Corfu on the 23th at 10pm and it was FREEZING. and it's rained. urgh! Thank you for an amazing holiday at (everyones agreed) the best hotel and resort we've been to. Elena's morning hugs rocked and theo is so wicked. we are so coming back. save us a room hehe Love ya all. and if anyone knows us HI! lol Standens xxx
Sign Time: July 25 2004

Visitor's Name: Joanne, Martyn & Reece
You are from: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Visits to Corfu:6
Comments: G'day Kirsty, like the photo on the web site. Look forward to catching up with you soon.
Sign Time: July 16 2004

Visitor's Name:Robin and Leslie
You are from: Leics.
Visits to Corfu:1st
Comments: Just to say thanks for an excellent week, Our first 'package holiday' surely they can't all be as good as this?? , Your excellent friendly staff, clean modern facilities and splendid location made it a very enjoyable stay. Highly recomended. Thanks again. Robin and Lesley.
Sign Time: July 11 2004

Visitor's Name: Alison and Jon
You are from: Bury St. Edmunds
Visits to Corfu:6
Comments: Hi Elena & Theo - Thanks for 2 wonderful weeks. As usual you and your staff were brilliant. We have just about recovered from our 15km walk ! Its a pity we missed the Euro Final but well done to Greece. See you next year - if not before.
Sign Time: July 7 2004

Visitor's Name: Alan and Helen (the geordies)
You are from: Nwcastle
Visits to Corfu:15
Comments: go**** tourists, well done with the euro 2004 final, you were lucky
Sign Time: June 15 2004

Visitor's Name:Dennis and Pat
You are from: Coventry
Visits to Corfu:10
Comments: Thank you Elena and Theo for 2 more wonderful weeks at your hotel. The easy atmosphere in the hotel from such friendly hosts and staff and beautiful surroundings make it so easy to "chill out" from everyday stresses. As always the hotel and rooms were spotlessly clean. It was nice to see so many old faces of returning guests again and make new friends also. We were so sorry we came away just before Greece's fantastic win in the final of Euro 2004. Having enjoyed the Quarter and Semi-finals with you we can only imagine what it was like at the end of the FINAL !!!
Sign Time: July 5 2004

Visitor's Name:Georg
Comments: your site is really great !! r.e.s.p.e.c.t. and keep it going...

greetz from vienna and have a wonderful summertime !!

congratulations to the fantastic greek football-team !!
Sign Time: July 4 2004

Visitor's Name: RAY
You are from: Wirrall
Visits to Corfu:26
Comments: yasso moro moo
Sign Time: June 27 2004

Visitor's Name: Freda and Mick
You are from: Doncaster
Visits to Corfu:1
Comments: 1st time to Corfu but not the last, WE WILL BE BACK
Sign Time: June 26 2004

Visitor's Name: Stephanie and Tim
You are from: Leicester
Visits to Corfu:6
Comments: Dear Elena and Theo, Cant wait to see you both again, we'll be back on the 9th July. This will be our 6th year with you, and we never get tired of coming back. Love to you both. XX
Sign Time: June 15 2004

Visitor's Name: Sarah and Kevin
You are from: Doncaster
Visits to Corfu:1
Comments: Hi Theo and Elena Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful holiday. Our first time in Corfu has been made very memorable, especially thanks to your hospitality and friendly staff. We had a wonderful time and will definitely come back again. Thanks again! Sarah and Kevin (Room 11 !!!)
Sign Time: June 8 2004

Visitor's Name: Mike Thacker and Deborah Galvin
You are from: Stoke-on-Trent
Visits to Corfu:1
Comments: Just like to thank you for a most wonderful first visit to Corfu at your hotel. The warmth of your welcome to perfect strangers set the scene for a week of total relaxation and recharge of the batteries. The best holiday we have ever spent, largely down to the two of you and your lovely staff, and the wonderful Corfu countryside. We shall be back next year, without doubt
Sign Time: May 26 2004

Visitor's Name: Mary and Roy Hanslow
Homepage URL:
You are from: FLITWICK Bedfordshire
Visits to Corfu: 11th year in total - but this will be our 6th at Theo's, would not go anywhere else now
Comments: Elena & Theo Just a short note to say hello, we will be with you once again 11th June, cannot wait for the sunshine you offer as in weather and yourselves. Feeling very tired and need to recharge our batteries with your homespun hospitality. Mary & Roy
Sign Time: May 20 2004

Visitor's Name: Rob and Steph
Homepage URL:
You are from: London
Visits to Corfu:1
Comments: We always look back to our time at Theo's with great fondness, No matter where else we have been, there is nowhere else that offers such a friendly atmosphere from the moment you arrive until you have to leave (regrettably). The highlight of our stay was visiting the local olive press and sampling the oil with freshly baked bread (thanks for the tip Elena) Hope to return soon
Sign Time: April 17 2004

Visitor's Name: Dennis and Pat
Homepage URL:
You are from: Coventry
Visits to Corfu: 8
Comments: Hello Elena and Theo. We cannot wait for June to come round again when we will be visiting your lovely island and Hotel and enjoying your endless hospitality.
Sign Time: February 10 2004

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