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Owners of Digital Cameras and persons scanning prints should note which folder on their computer hold the photographs.

If using one of the processing companies "Photographs on CD" services, the CD will probably load its own viewing programme and create folders.
In my experience these CD based photographs may need enhancing in your own graphics programme.


There is a limit on the size of photos the online storage site will accept. It is ESSENTIAL that the photographs be reduced in size by either 'image reduction' or 'compression' or the web site MAY NOT accept them. Aim for below 100 kb (which will still produce excellent quality and also leave room fo other guests' photos). Save them to JPG format. (This can be done in any photo editor or there are now web-sites where it can be done online).
Uploads often fail for this reason.

With some photos it is helpful to use the Trim tool in your graphics programme to remove any unnecessary space from your photo before reducing the resulting image size.

In case of difficulty in resizing please send an email to:
photos at

but do NOT attach the photographs.


The procedure is very simple.

  • You must know where your prepared photograph is stored on your computer as a JPG file.

  • Click on "Go to Photocentre" below.

  • On the page you are taken to, click on "Photo Uploader" which should open a small window which has the facility for you to choose your photos from your computer.

  • You will need to supply your email address and obviously be able to find the name of the photographs on your computer.

Initially the photographs will go into a special album and will not be visible on the Internet. Once the photo has been checked for "suitability" it will be appear on the Photocentre.

PS. As the automatic email notification to me has failed occasionally can I ask you to also send an email direct to the same address to avoid delays.

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