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(non-residents are welcome)

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Guests and visiting non-residents love to eat in the pleasant Terrace Restaurant with its beautiful views across a green valley. Transparent curtains give protection against rain, wind and cold air but can be tied back in hot summer weather.

Breakfast time can be particularly uplifting with the early morning sun on the countryside in front while evening diners often enjoy lovely coloured skies at sunset.

The Waiters, all local people, will help you with your choices if required and bring your meals without undue delays.

Theo's Hotel is known for its good food. Usually diners can choose from 'specials' or 'dishes of the day' cooked using locally obtained fresh meat, and often needing to be reserved in advance as they take long cooking in the traditional ways. Alternatively you can choose from a selection from the fuller menu including Greek food, grills, pastas, etc. (Theo's pizzas are scrumptious)

Non-residents are also welcome to eat in the restaurant, but if requiring one of the special 'dishes of the day' you should call in earlier to reserve the meals.


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